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by Teis Semey
co authored by Gabriel Milliet
2022 New Years Letter
In this short letter, I intend to articulate some questions arisen from the 2021 contunied COVID-19 epidemic. Namely, how do the lockdown and unstable culture politics affect artists relationship with the platforms we have used?
How do venues deal with the closing off, and how do they relate to the scene they are used to platforming?
How do online platforms differ physical platforms, how do they affect the workflow of a musician? How do (or even 'can') physical venues succesfully navigate online space?
Application of Brightness and Darkness in Jazz Practice
by Teis Semey
Master research 2019
In this research paper I examine the music theoretical analytical tool of the "dorian brightness quotient".

How can an understanding of brightening or darkening of relative tonality help us get a deeper understanding of harmony? How can I practically use this understanding while improvising or composing music? The answer to these questions is underscored with visual figures, examples from the American song tradition and one own piece of mine that I tear apart and explain.
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